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My Writer’s Cave

I’ve had builders in my house, adding 2 much needed extra rooms. But my writing desk doesn’t look right – or feel right – in its new home. More work and money to spend before I am comfortable working there – unfortunately. So I have my laptop on a fold up desk in the living room. And my papers are breeding on table tops.

I checked out Paige Cuccaro (http://www.paigecuccaro.com/html/the_cave.html) again. Seeking inspiration in the pictures of writer’s caves. But I haven’t found my key image yet. You know – the thought, the image that you build a room around. It will come to me – I guess.

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Writers’ Caves

Pandababy reminded me about Writer’s Caves and the disorientation writers can experience when they are forced out of their cosy caves. Caves are not meant to be subject to restructuring. They should be sacred, permanent, immutable as granite. A place to invite the muse into and give her a cup of hot milk with honey (or red wine, if she’d rather imbibe. Evoi! Let’s party.)

Like Virginia Wolf, a woman needs a room of her own to be creative. Heavy sigh. My cave is more of a nook in the corner of the living room than a fully excavated cave. It’s a nice nook with a really funky feminine desk that reminds me of a waterfall because it’s got three levels for the information to flow down, but my nook is a bit too accessable for intimate conversations with the muse. It does have a dark blue Indian cotton rug, cds, books, dark red filing cabinets, a stone carving of an owl a rainbow pyramid, pretty glass bottles, a crystal ball come paperweight that is too beautiful to use, and a rusty old hammer head I dug out of the garden that makes a funtional, mysterious history laden paper weight.

Anyway – Paige Cuccaro (http://www.paigecuccaro.com/html/the_cave.html) has some awesome pictures of writer’s caves, including Kim Harrison, Laurell K Hamilton, Kelly Armstrong and Janet Evanovich.

What’s your cave like?

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