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The persistence of pain

The broken chicken wing is painful, annoying, distracting and exhausting.  Steam has been vented in a new addition to ‘other poems’.

For this reason, Nanowrimo isn’t working for me this year.  Curses.

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I’ve enrolled for nano wrimo this year.  I must be mad.

Suddenly,  as of three weeks ago,  I’ve become a one handed typist, with a distracting amount of pain coming from the poor broken left wing.  It is a bad break – a spiral fracure above my elbow and I now have to welcome a metal plate as a permanent tenant in my body.  They say fairies don’t like cold iron. I hope my Muse is forgiving.

Heavy sigh.  Fifty thousand words are a lot of chicken scratches. (Do I win if I do 25,000 as I’m only using one hand and my brain feels fluffy?) But what am I supposed to do to keep from going mad with the enforced month/s off work and the long nights of pain broken sleep?

Well wishers are very welcome.  Excuse typos – they will be inevitable.

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