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Our Ginger Nutmeg Kitten

We have had our new kitten for 6 weeks now.  He’s a long pale ginger gentleman with marmalaide eyes.  He must have some orieintal breed in his genes – he has a Siamese cry. When we found him at the RSPCA,  he was long and small.  Slightly frail looking. He has since doubled his weight and his feet are still big – which means he has a lot more to grow.

Oh, but he is cute and smartand stable and gentle and loving.  And fun. Our bomb-proof kitten. Except for motor cycles and helicoptors.

Max the long-suffering labbie dog  is the same colour, maybe a tad blonder.  And I saw a very sweet little boy in the mall – exactly same colouring! Wow! I could have a matched set of cute ginger darlings! But I don’t think his Mum would let me take him home.  Sigh.


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