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Finalists for the Aurelais Awards have been announced.

Congratulations to Sean Williams, Trudi Canavan, Glenda Larke, Tansy Rainer Roberts, Tracey O’Hara, Kaaren Warren, Felicity Dowker, Alisa Krasnostein, Jonathan Strahan, Deborah Biancotti, Robbie Matthews & Donna Hanson, Emily Rodda & Marc McBride, Cat Sparks, Paul Haines & Geoff Maloney, Lucy Sussex, Scott Westerfeld and every other talented person.  OMG. How will they ever choose.

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“There was an awful lot of blood splashed around Joey’s office and it was upsetting me.  It wasn’t making me sick – that I could cope with.  It was making me hungry and that was frankly disturbing.

I bet Phillip Marlowe never had the problems I have – like salivating over the body.”

from The Aldrin Vial, Johnny Phillips, Werewolf Detective – The Collected Case Files

I went to the launch of  Robbie Matthew’s Johnny Phillips, Werewolf Detective – The Collected Case Files on 10 December last year.

I’m so glad this book has come out. I have been in love with Johnny Phillips for years, ever since I first heard Robbie read one of the stories.

Johnnie is a local were-boy.  He works in Sydney, so that’s special to me because I recognise so many of the landmarks.

Robbie swears the stories are not meant to be funny, but I don’t believe him at all.

johnny_fullThe awesome cover is by Nick Stathopoulos, who is a finalist in the 2008 Archibald Art Prize and the 2008 Doug Moran Portrait Prize.  Nick is also nominated twice in the same category for a 2008 Ditmar Award for his book covers, Rynemonn, the final installment of Terry Dowling’s epic Tom Rynosseros saga, and Daikaiju 3  –  Giant Monsters Vs The World!

Johnny Phillips, Werewolf Detective – The Collected Case Files is published by Aust Speculative Fiction and can be ordered from the website.

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