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Cat on a hot Canberra floor

It has been uncomfortably  hot here in Canberra or over the last week – hovering just below 40 Centigrade  (that’s 104 Fahrenheit) most days. Way too hot to do much of anything.

My house doesn’t have air conditioning. I’ve been trying to be ecologically   responsible, but it’s tempting  – damned the expense.

We keep exceeding record highs  for temperature over recent years – once in 100 year highs they call it, but I don’t think that  the future is gonna get any better.  And I fear Australian bush fires are gonna be hotter and more common.  Right now, one is burning to the soth at Batemans Bay and another is burning at Pambula.

In the  afternoons the heat comes in from the west and robs me of  energy.  Can’t think much then.  My enthusiasms seems  to be related to temperature.  But hot stuff really isn’t turning me on right now.

I’ve been hiding out in the shopping mall where the air conditioning is delicious.

But I have something else to share with you.


Muffin Cat is courtesy of meme cats at http://dropline.net/cats/

A  friend of mine also has an odd cat.   This one seems to have gone back to its second kittenhood.  She’s gone senile.  She chases  herself around the house, which looks particularly funny because she is almost perfectly round.  This is a cat that likes her food.

Now, a cat’s whiskers are supposed to be the widest part of her body, so that she can feel the edges of tunnels and doesn’t get stuck in tight places.

But it looks like this spherical cat’s whiskers have  grown overtime to keep pace with her girth.  They have grown so long  that the poor thing doesn’t know what to do with them.  So she bites them and pulls them out .  One side of her face is now is bald and it’s just as well that she doesn’t go climbing down drains anymore, because she’d get stuck just like a fat football.

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