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I’ve uploaded Dreamscape into my poetry pages.

I first read this poem at Writers at Kimbos, a performance venue that took over Monday nights at Kimbo’s Bar in Phillip, a suburb of Canberra, for a couple of years starting in 1989. My, how the years fly.

I was one of the organisers of Writers at Kimbos. First off, I had the pleasure of working with with Garry Bagnell, Frankie Seymour, Bill Tully and Dave McMullan. The organisers changed over time, some leaving while new people came on board – including Chris Clarke, Robin Davidson, Peter Huta, David Paxton, Meredith Stokes, David Walker and Joel Webster.

A large number of individuals and groups read poems and stories at the venue.

In 1991 we published ‘Rescuing Beached Mondays’, a collection of works performed at Kimbos from October 1989 to October 1990. The initial print run sold very well, and the experience led to some of us forming the small press, Boris Books, which is still publishing manuscripts.

Dreamscape was published in that anthology.

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