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Conflux Poster and Cover Art: Brian Smith

Last night I discovered  Keri Arthur’s Aussie speak dictionary for the podcast on the Urban fantasy versus paranormal she did with Jane Routley and myself at Conflux 4 in 2007. (There’s also a link to the podcast on Marta Acosta’s vampire wire ).

That panel was a lot of fun, and thinking about it reminded me of the other great panels that were produced as podcasts.

I chaired a panel on The dead body – How to kill someone heroically, where Keri, Richard Harland and I were treated to a brilliant display of sword fighting by Chris Barnes (unfortunately the visuals don’t show in the podcast 🙂 ) and participated in Telling the future – how divination really works, with Kylie Seluka (Chair) and Margi Curtis.

There were panels and inerviews with Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Garth Nix, Trudi Canavan, Graham Joyce, Jonathan Strahan, Simon Brown, Rob Hood, Maxine McArthur, Sean Williams, Terry Dowling, Karen Miller, Sharyn Lilley, Donna Hanson, Gillian Polack, Kaaron Warren, Leigh Blackmore, Cat Sparks, Jack Dann, Liz Argall among other talented writers.

All the Conflux4 podcasts produced by Joffre Street Productions are still available online at the Conflux website  here.

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