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The ANU Poets Lunch has continued , in various incarnations,   for the last
30 years – and remains a mad poets’ wine party where Alice is always tipsy but never drunk and the Cheshire cat passes around non-animal rennet cheeses.  The latest episode was held on Wednesday 2nd December at the ANU Emeritus Faculty.

This year’s  lunch was dedicated to Joel Webster, a generous friend who sadly is  no longer with us.

This year’s  theme was Pandora’s Box (which may have been an amphora, according to David Walker’s illustration) and we spent several enjoyable hours examining its contents.

Here’s my contribution:

Wings and Stings

Just a little bit
I won’t give right in
But I need this
You make me feel
Champaign bubbles in my veins
What might we be
You and me?

Just a little more
My temptation
I despair when you leave
And crumple at your touch
Like a doll entranced by its maker

You are strong wine
I crack
And all my disparate bits of
Love, joy, desire and sacred honour
Go flying
Out on ghostly wings
Poor heedless moths
Save only one
Remains entrapped
The dearest part that knows the lie
I can’t let go of

It was unanimously agreed  that Pandora was givena bum rap and the case against her was dismissed by the poetic jury as being yet another instance of women bearing  the blame for all the world’s woes.

We also remembered that it’s been 20 years since several of us, including Joel and myself, first hosted ‘Writers at Kimbos’ .

Long ago, but not far away, on Monday nights at Kimbos winebar in Phillip, we conducted readings of poetry and short prose for a couple of years.  Wow. So many years have passed and yet I don’t feel that much older. I guess everybody has that complaint.  I can’t remember where the years went, nor can I re-use the time. Heavy sigh – that’s life.

Cover by Jane Virgo

In 1991, our small committee published ‘Rescuing Beached Mondays’, a collection of the first year’s readings which contained some fine poetry and prose, including work by Joel, Mark O’Connor,  Lorne Doyle, Brian Hungerford, Myron Lysenko, Linchay Bone, Robin Davidson, Trevor Crook and many talented others.  Strangely, after all these years, the book can still be found at BibliOZ and Marlowes Books.

It only had a small print run – only 500 copies, but it was well received. We were pleased with the collection, and consequently founded Boris Books, named after David Walker’s marvellous cat, Boris Katoff, who sat on every page.

Boris has been an absent friend for many years,  but Boris Books born in 1993,  is still alive – if not prolific – and even manages to break even.

Not bad for a small press.

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The 2008 Poet’s Lunch poems are up now.

I’ve added my contribution to the Lunch into ‘Other Poems’.


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I had a great time at  the poets lunch today.  Good poetry, good company and good food. What more could a social Silvergull want? – red wine of course. And it was a good drop.

This year’s lunch was dedicated to our dear friend Glenda Johnson, who died this year and is sorely missed.

The lunch was has a long history that goes back to the 1970s and many excellent poets have contributed over the years. The poets’ lunch i now based in the ANU Emeritus Facility.

This year’s theme was poetic licence and poems played games with that theme.

David Walker put together will be posting all this year’s poems, including my poem ‘Without Licence’ on the ANU Poet’s Lunch Website in the next couple of days.

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Another poem added to the poem pages.  This one was written for the ANU Poets’ Lunch in 2006.

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ANU Poets Lunch

Good News and fun times

I went to the ANU poet’s lunch on Wednesday and had a great time listening to good poetry with good food, good wine and good friends. I’ve been contributing poetry there for the last ten years and the first Wednesday of every December has become a cherished anniversary.

This year’s theme was first and last things. Next years theme will be poetic licence – I’m sure I downloaded one of those once, but I can’t find it.

The poets lunch has been going since the 1970s and original poets included A D Hope. Anne Edgeworth, Philip Grundy and Geoff Page has been through three different incarnations.

Now about 350 of the poems have been put up on line, thanks to the ANU Emeritus Faculty. David Walker spent many hours populating the website.


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