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I’ve been reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and I can only regret that I didn’t find it years earlier. I’m up the fourth book, so there’s a few more to go.

The beauty of the language and imagery floors me, not to mention a rip roaring adventure featuring characters drawn by a master.

I’m loving it. King is turning my poetry brain on.

I haven’t seen a wonder for a while

I’ve seen a fun-der

And a sun-der

But nothing’s rocked my soul

In the dream fogged night

Nothing’s made me breath thanks

To the may-be god

For the glory of enlightenment.


Glory, glory

I need to know that something is worth the daily grime

I need to feel transported beyond the limits of my finite skull

By the potential of imagination


Glory, glory

What may be

On a new summer’s day

When the world is a plum ripe for plucking

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Bookings for the Conflux 6 Banquet close in 2 days! And there won’t be another banquet til 2011. Pre-dinner drinks and nibbles will be set in 1945 – the first Mardi Gras after the war. Cocktails and Jazz set the scene! Then for the dinner we move back in time to the culinary delights of the 1880s.

The setting is the private home by the great hostess Severine Sallier in northern Louisiana. The Conflux theme for this year is Secrets – and there are plenty of secrets buried in the Bayou.

Come in costume – as a the creature from the black lagoon, a vampire, a pirate, a ghost, or as a southern belle out of Gone with the Wind. Come in the year’s hottest new fashion – a bustle. Or drag out your scandalous corset.

Come in your Dad or Mum’s 1945 suit.

Or just come as yourself. Just don’t miss out on the fun.

The Banquet will be held on Saturday evening on 3 October, at the Marque Hotel Canberra, commencing 7pm with pre-dinner drinks.

Tickets are $52 per person. Let us know if you want vegetarian, gluten free or other food. You’ll find the booking form and contact details on the Conflux Website at http://www.conflux.org.au.

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This year’s Conflux Virtual Mini-Con will be held on Sunday 3oth August 2009.  The program (like most programs it is a moving feast – so note that things might change) is:

9am to 9.30am – Welcome, introduction and Conflux generally.

9.30 to 10.30am Liz Argall

10.30 to 11.30am Gillian Polack

11.30 to 12.30pm Richard Harland

12.30 to 1.30pm Jim Minz (10.30pm Saturday US time)

1.30 to 2.30pm Maxine McArthur

2.30 to 3.30pm Bruce R Gillespie

3.30 to 4.30pm Cat Sparks

4.30 to 5pm – Closure Gillian Polack and Stuart Herring

Of course, there will be other interesting forum.  Join us online at http://conflux.org.au.

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Time is running out to enter this year’s short story competition.

Stories must be on the theme of the convention – “Secrets”.  They must be a maximum of 2000 words and contain a speculative element. Otherwise, the sky is the limit. Stories that fail in any of these elements will be judged ineligible.

Entries will only be accepted April 1 to July 31, 2009. Stories may be emailed to storycomp@conflux.org.au

You must be a Conflux 6 member to enter, entry after membership is free. The winner will be chosen by a panel of three authors.

The winning story will be edited by Conflux GoH Jim Minz for publication in the Convention Magazine. So here is your opportunity to work with an experienced editor!

Two runners-up will also appear in the Convention magazine. All winners will receive a surprise package of books and a certificate.

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Strange Beauty is the title of the new speculative fiction novel I started writing in January in Lazette Gifford’s Forward Motion Writers’ Community.

FM Writers has numerous discussion forums and crit boards.

I joined FM Writers 2009 2yn writing group, along with a couple of hundred other people.  We aim to write our own novels in two years, as part of a large, supportive, closed  crit group.  We write assignments to write each week and comment on each others’ threads.

Of course people will drop out over the next 2 years, but in the meantime, I’m having fun.

The pacing is good for me, as I don’t have to write in a mad rush and my typing continues to be painfully slow. Unfortunately this remains the staus quo as the nerve damage in my left arm continues to heal.

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During last couple of years, Avi Abrams from Dark Roasted Blend has been compiling information about new and promising writers in science fiction, fantasy, horror and slipstream (magic realism). The result is an an amazing  database on the Ultimate Guide to Modern Writers of Fantastic Literature: 1990-2009.

I am awed.


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I’ve posted a story that I read  at the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (CSFG) Romance Gauntlet in 2006.

The story is a romantic fantasy.  It’s slightly naughty, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

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Solid Days – I’ve uploaded a story today – see fiction page. Not new, but I’m  still fond of this dreamy, fantastic piece.

I’ve never been sure whether it’s mainstream, magic realism or something else.

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