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In spring children ran

Through rainbows on stems

Hand holding hand

Through holiday swarms

In winter-bare trees

Flew coloured balloons

Like the strangest of flowers

Like coloured moons

Girls rocked their fairy wings

And glittering haloes

Boys worked their capes

Like trainee super-heroes

And musicians jammed

On temporary stands

While costumed players

Danced in the spring


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We had fun at Gillian Polack’s home, celebrating Chanukah.

I like being part of people’s celebrations, even when I don’t share their faith.  Any celebration that draws friends together, teaches me about other ways and shows me a darned good time is fine by me.

Gillian’s celebration did all that.  I caught up with friends. We shared a finger feast of samosas, pide, spring rolls,  home-baked cheesecake and more.

I didn’t gamble for chocolate coins, but I was there for the lighting of the Chanukah menorah.

Then we had frozen strawberry daiquiris and Gillian’s amazing home-made fruit liquors – a sweet tangy medlar liquor and a piquant cumquat liquor. They’re based on brandy and I’ve never tasted anything like them. I’m  glad I wasn’t driving.

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